Vegetation Management

Allamakee-Clayton REC takes a preventative and proactive approach to tree trimming (vegetation management) in an effort to improve power reliability and safety for our members. In addition to our own staff, we contract outside tree services to clear lines and right of ways on an annually scheduled basis. Vegetation management is important for achieving our long-standing goal of reducing outage time and improving the safety for our lineworkers and members.

Below are several frequently asked questions regarding our tree trimming process. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Josh Mitchell, ACEC System Forester and ISA Certified Arborist, Utility Specialist, at 563-864-7611.

Why We Trim Trees

ACEC has a 5-6 year tree trimming cycle for our entre service area. Other factors that determine when and where tree trimming is done include:

  • Reports of electrical outages caused by trees

  • Areas where storms have damaged trees

  • Periodic inspections by ACEC employees

  • Reports from members indicating potential tree/power-line problems

Safety is our number one priority. Another reason is limbs touching and burning on electric lines is one of the principal wastes of electricity. Also, with lines clear from trees, our linemen have the necessary room to operate and restore power more quickly by not having to manipulate downed power lines from around trees.

ACEC mails postcard to members prior to any scheduled work being done. It details when the work is scheduled to start and who has been contracted to do the work. In addition, the application for membership and for electric service also mentions granting the rights to the Cooperative required for the furnishing of electric service to the member, as well as for construction, operation and maintenance or relocation of the Cooperative's electric facilities. 

Please call our office at 563-864-7611 right away and we will send someone out to check on it. If it’s near or on our lines, we will remove it.

Never do this yourself!

All wood trimmed by ACEC belongs to the property owners and will be left on their property. Tree crews will not cut wood to uniform size or smaller than necessary for normal handling. Tree crews will not load wood into private vehicles or trailers. Crews will also not stack or separate wood.

If you receive a notification of our crews in your area and would like less than a 25 foot clearance, you must notify us as soon as possible.

Our personnel need to have access to all electric facilities for maintenance and repair. Please keep trees to a minimum of 25 feet from overhead lines. Transformers require a 10 foot clearance. Please call Josh Mitchell, ACEC System Forester, at 563-864-7611, if you have any questions.

Please call Josh Mitchell, ACEC System Forester, at 563-864-7611.

Contactors ACEC typically use include:

  • Asplundh Tree Expert Co

  • Clear Line LLC

  • Cranks Tree Service

  • Davey Resource Group

  • New Age Tree Service

  • Zielies Tree Service

Safety Tip

How does ACEC determine how far to remove trees?


Trees within 25 feet of the power lines need to be removed for safety. Trees in the yellow may not be removed, unless they are unhealthy, hazardous or could potentially hit the lines. Trees in the green are likely ok but also could potentially be removed if they are unhealthy, hazardous or need to be trimmed so they don't hit the lines. 

How Far to Remove Trees?