Evergreen® Renewable Energy

Evergreen is a renewable energy (green power) program available through Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative and our wholesale energy provider, Dairyland Power Cooperative. Evergreen allows you to support renewable energy without making a huge investment. Evergreen is for you if you are willing to pay a little bit more to purchase a portion or all of your electricity from renewable energy sources. In addition to your normal monthly electric bill, you volunteer to pay a small, additional charge each month to offset the additional cost of renewable energy.

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Evergreen renewable energy comes from the wind, sun, wood and waste-to-energy sources such as landfill gas and livestock manure.

If you wish to support renewable energy, you can purchase blocks of energy. The cost is an additional $1 per month per each 100-kilowatt-hour block - in addition to your normal electric charges. Evergreen renewable energy program Q&A.

How can I sign up for Evergreen?

Complete the Evergreen participation form, or Contact Us at (563) 864-7611 or toll free (888) 788-1551.