Safe Electricity

Safe Electricity program
Your cooperative is committed to ensuring that everyone understands the safe use of electricity and precautions to take while working around electric equipment and appliances. That's why ACEC is part of a broad program called Safe Electricity.

Safe Electricity promotes safety awareness through many communications, including general and detailed information for members, children's games that educate youth about electric safety as well as activities and resoures for teachers.

YouTube safety videos

"Teach Learn Care TLC" Flach Web Story
A tragic farm acident claimed Jim Flach's life when his crop sprayer touched an overhead electric line. his widow Marilyn tells about the accident that claimed the life of her husband, and their three sons, who are carrying on his livestock work, share their thoughts about their late father. All of them urge farmers and operators of large equipment to be more aware of the presence of electric lines and know what to do if they are involved in a similar accident.