You or your loved ones can gain independence with our personal emergency response system that enables you to summons help with the press of a button. FirstCall® is available to members and nonmembers within our service territory.

How does FirstCall® work?

An emergency pendant is worn either around the neck or on the wrist. When the pendant is pressed, a signal is sent to a trained emergency response operator who is available 24/7. If emergency medical help is needed, the trained operator will summons the appropriate help. If the situation is not an emergency, a family member, friend or neighbor will be contacted.

What is the cost?
All subscribers begin with an initial three-month lease. The cost for the initial three months is as follows:

Installation $43.50
Lease: 3 months @ $17.50 52.50
7% Sales Tax on above 6.72
Monitoring: 3 months @ $17.50 52.50
TOTAL (for the first 3 months) $155.22

At the end of that initial three-month period, the monthly charge is $35.00 (plus tax) and will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

Download a FirstCall® brochure
Direct Payment Enrollment Authorization Form

For more information, contact Sonja Hillman at 563-864-7611 or toll free 888-788-1551.