Connecting to the Grid

Members who own qualifying renewable energy facilities may connect to ACEC's power grid, or cogenerate power with the Cooperative, if terms of the cogeneration contract are met.

How it works

  • The member's facility is evaluated for compliance with all of the requirements of our electric tariff and general regulations for such alternative energy producers.
  • A meter that measures both kWhs generated and kWhs used is installed.
  • The interconnection allows member-consumers to purchase power from ACEC if their electricity needs exceed their facility's generating capacity.

Cogeneration and interconnection contracts (Required documents must be completed before the connection will be made)

More information

Thinking about a solar system?

The Iowa Energy Center is an excellent source of information about renewable energy systems.

The Iowa Utilities Board released a Distributed Generation Information Guide for on-site generation. (Jan. 2015)

If you have any questions, contact Ryan Wagner or call 888-788-1551.