2018 Rebates


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2018 Rebate Programs
ACEC has rebates available for members who purchase energy efficient products. View a summary of our 2018 rebates. Full details regarding the rebates are listed on the forms below in two versions, PDF and a fillable word document. Please read through each rebate form carefully before making a purchase to ensure the product meets the criteria.

General guidelines:

  • Installed equipment must be on Cooperative's lines.
  • The rebate form, a copy of your invoice and the Energy Star label must be submitted in order to receive a rebate as a credit on your electric bill. This must be submitted NO LATER THAN 3 MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE OR INSTALLATION.
  • Rebates are in place through Dec. 31, 2018 or until funds are depleted.

Contact John Molumby at (563) 864-7611 or 1-888-788-1551 for more information about rebates.